iPhone 11 Clone via Foxconn

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iPhone 11 Clone via Amazon, Best Buy, eBay or Ali Express.

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Every year we receive a large number of requests for the supply of new iPhones produced in our city. You all know that Apple manufactures its products at the Foxconn factory and therefore many people think that we can freely get new iPhones at a cheap price. Unfortunately, we hurry to disappoint you, because buying new iPhone 11 at a cheap price is not…

If you are offered in China supposedly original for such or even a smaller amount – it’s a fake, a clone, a replica of the iPhone 11 – call it whatever you like.

This iPhone 11 Clone works on Android and even the box looks very good. I am sure that a good half of buyers will be able to “lead” to a fake and buy high quality an iPhone 11 Clone in China, thinking that they are buying the original device. In this regard, it is worth remembering the truth – the price of the Apple’s iPhone 11 can not be $200-300! Never!

iPhone 11 Clone has 2 cameras. According to the manufacturer’s statement – there are 128 GB of internal memory. Surely the master soldered a microSD card directly to the board of this smartphone. In the complete set of delivery all also as well as at Apple – fake headphones EarPods and the charger with a cable. Do not forget the packers put and a few pieces of paper peculiar to the original Apple products.

iPhone 11 Clone Price in USA: $200-300.