iPhone 11 will switch to USB-C….. Do you need it in your new iPhone?

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Again. 2019 iPhone 11 will switch to USB-C. Apple has been preparing for the widespread use of USC Type-C in its devices for several years, using the universal connector in all MacBook models, and then last year’s generation of iPad Pro. But the iPhone innovation has not yet reached. Perhaps this will change this fall.

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Apple introduced the Lightning connector in 2012, six years ago. Since then, it has not undergone any changes, except perhaps the appearance of support for fast charging using PD technology. This type of connector is already outdated, but Apple continues to pretend that everything is fine, continuing to install it in their smartphones, tablets and other gadgets like mice and keyboards.

However, already in 2019 in the iPhone, it will abandon the branded connector in favor of universal – USB Type-C. This information came to us thanks to the beta version of iOS 13. Blogger Rafael Newton noticed that in the process of rolling back from iOS 13 beta to iOS 12.3 on the screen of the iPhone has changed the standard screen saver: the Lightning cable, sent to the computer, now looks like the USB-C.

According to the authors of the resource ChargerLab, new Apple smartphones should be equipped with a charging unit with a USB-C connector. At the same time, the iPhone 11 will retain the usual Lightning port. The power of the charging unit is unknown. However, there is a possibility that an 18-watt adapter will be supplied with the new iPhone. And along with it will go and lightning/USB-C cable.