iPhone 12 could get biggest appearance change in years

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Apple is not too fond of changing the look of its products. Over the years, it makes minor changes so that everyone has time to get used to one design and immediately recognize Apple devices. For this, she is often criticized, accused of unwillingness to take risks.

When the design does change, it becomes big news. Such changes are the fruit of several years of research and attract the attention of new buyers. Among Apple’s smartphones, the latest major change was the 2017 iPhone X. It had a modern screen with minimal frames and a cutout at the top. After that, all iPhone models are a continuation of the iPhone X. in addition, modern devices retain the DNA of the iPhone 6 of 2014. Already there were rounded edges that remain to this day.

That could change in 2020. Rumors claim that Apple is preparing to make significant changes to the design. For example, to bring to life the classic design of the iPhone 4. Apple devices have always had graceful rounded shapes, except for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The demand for such an appearance has led all other smartphone manufacturers to follow this path.

the iPhone 12 may forgo graceful curves in favor of a more rectangular appearance with sharp edges. Apple has tried something similar in iPad Pro tablets, as well as in MacBook laptops. It would be logical to assume that the main product of Apple will be the same, because the American manufacturer likes to talk about the uniformity of its products.

This article presents only conceptual images that are a figment of the imagination of observers. It is too early to talk about the final appearance and even more expect to get real photos. Surely Apple is still undecided. There was news recently that Apple is experimenting with a prototype iPhone with no cutout but wider frames around the screen. To implement such a smartphone will have to reduce the camera TrueDepth, face unlock system Face ID, phone speaker, so that they fit in this frame.

There is a three-year product update cycle that Apple is trying to adhere to. When major changes are made, then within two years they are refined to achieve maximum perfection. the iPhone 12 will be released just in the third year after the iPhone X.