iPhone 13 Release Date, Tech Specs, Rumors, Updates

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iPhone 13 Release Date, Tech Specs, Rumors, Updates: Apple conceived the innovation. Apple is preparing a major change in its smartphones. The flagship iPhone 2021 will not have a traditional charging connector. According to the well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo, the smartphone will only be charged wirelessly.

iPhone 13 Rumors:

Sources of the expert found out that Apple will refuse the lightning connector in the top version of the iPhone of the sample of 2021. But instead of replacing the connector with USB-C, the company will completely eliminate the physical charging connector from the smartphone.

The new iPhone will only charge with wireless charging. With what speed will be charging the device is unknown. It is expected that Apple will introduce accelerated wireless charging technology in conjunction with the iPhone. As for the synchronization of the new iPhone with the computer, it will be performed over Wi-Fi.

Note that many of Min-Chi Kuo’s predictions initially seemed unrealistic. However, they always came true. For example, the expert was the first to talk about Apple’s plans to abandon 3D Touch technology in the iPhone. Not everyone believed in such an unexpected forecast, but in the end Apple really abandoned its proprietary technology.

iPhone 13 Release Date:

Recently, we can hear a lot of information that Apple will change the release dates of its new smartphones and will release 2 smartphones every six months. At the moment there is no such information, so it is impossible to say for sure. We assume that Apple will release its new smartphone in September 2021 (as it usually happens in recent years).

It’s mean that iPhone 13 release date – 17-th September, 2021. 

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