iPhone 6 Price: Apple’s pricing strategy in USA, Canada, UK.


Where is best iPhone 6 price? 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) has received a very excellent response in field of iPhone from the USA, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom market. Because of this, recently new iPhone 6 will be gained the first position in the mobile market in USA, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom.

iPhone 6 is expecting more number of customers from this countries for its upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (iPhone Air). After getting huge information on iPhone 6 full specification, release date, tech specs, features now its the time to find out the best iPhone 6 price in USA, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom.

USA, Canada … market always have to bear a higher price for the iPhone smartphones. This is due to the fact that iPhone are not manufactured in USA or Canada. This ultimate increases the cost of iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) in market. Other reason is that iPhone 6 are from American countries as a result of which their cost are set in dollars which when converted into the european or UK currency cost a lot to the european or united Kingdom users.

Price in USA: Complete list

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