iPhone 6c 2016 (iPhone 7c) will be coming to Chinese Market. Updated.

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China Mobile has already confirmed that the rumoured iPhone 6c 2016 (iPhone 7c) will be coming to markets, atleast in China, in April 2016.

China Mobile leaked iPhone 6c 2016 (iPhone 7c) price in China – 3200 chinese yuan (about $500). This information comes from the roadmap of its upcoming releases which China Mobile showed in the even held few days ago. Some recourses leaked information that iPhone 6c 2016 (iPhone 7c) price in USA will be at $500 also.

True or Lies???
Like we wrote here, we don’t believe that it will be true. Micgadget’s team don’t have confirmed information from our Foxconn workers (sources) about start of productions 4-inch iPhone 6c 2016 (iPhone 7c). We believe that Apple will be released 4-inch iPhone 7c only in September.

Some our sources from China Mobile leaked information that “leaked iPhone 6c” it’s “Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini”, which Samsung will be released in first decade of 2016.