iPhone 6c Release Date in China – November (rumor)

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iPhone 6c release date have new update. China is one of biggest market for 4-inch smartphones.

If you one of iPhone 5c owner, you know that such iPhone model is very nice for teens and sport lifestyle.

Lots of iPhone 5c owners want to buy not 4.7-inch, but new 4-inch iPhone named iPhone 6c. Today we have second good news about “rumored iPhone 6c”.

My friends who have iPhone 5c want to buy new iPhone with 4-inch display and Touch ID. It’s also unclear if the iPhone 6c will break away from the four-inch form factor of the current iPhone 5c, if it will have Touch ID, feature better cameras or run the upcoming Apple-designed ‘A9’ processor or the “old” ‘A8’ chip ticking inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Today we received information that one of Foxconn department (logistic) received new information about unknown model from Apple inc. One of purpose is logistic plans in November. They must prepare new logistic contracts from November – December in China. Lots of Foxconn workers in such department will not have holidays in first week of November.

Why iPhone 6c but not iPhone 6s? We know that iPhone 6s release date in China is 18-25 September, because China is in first iPhone 6s market’s way. We spoke about November. It’s mean that in November Apple will be released new products. IPhone 6c or iPad Plus (Pro)? Hmmm. I think it will iPhone 6c.

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