iPhone 6s China release date… Very interesting

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Very interesting…. iPhone 6s release date have new updates.

We know that Apple will be released new iPhone 6s (and maybe iPhone 6c) in September. Foxconn is one of the biggest factory in world and sometimes it’s very good. Two weeks ago we wrote post with iPhone 6s release date – 18-th September, but yesterday we spoke with one man from factory (shipment department), who said that first local shipment (Chinese) with unknowns gadgets should be ready 16-18-th September. If it’s true, it’s mean that China will be in first wave (China has 600M mobile users) and real release date can be not 18-th but 25-th September, because shipment time is about 4-5 days.

!!!. We are by all means try to find information about “rumored” iPhone 6c, but nothing… nothing… 🙁

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