iPhone 6S Selling At Crazy Price In Hong Kong.

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iPhone 6S is available in Hong Kong right now. The gray market is selling it at a much higher price than we thought. It costs $11000-12000 HKD (about $1480) for 16GB version, $14000 HKD (about $1810) for 64GB and $17000 HKD (about $2170) for 128GB. iPhone 6s pink + 2000 HKD (about $245).No kidding, some Apple fanboys are still willing to pay at this ridiculous price…

These are contract free prices, and there are locked or unlocked models to choose from. Unlocked models are imported from UK while locked models are from the United States. The gray market received the iPhone 6s yesterday (GMT+08:00), and started to put the phones on shelves in stores. Sadly, these new iPhones 6s are reserved for pre-ordered customers, and they are distributed completely by the end of the day. So, you can’t get it even though you are willing to pay in cash or at a higher price. More stocks will arrive for the next coming days and customers can buy it if they have prepared the money.

Actually, the first batch was all 64GB unlocked models from UK pricing at $14800 HKD (about $1900), only 10 sets available, and all has been reserved by those early birds, no chance for any walk-in customers. We need to remind you that the man you seeing in the front picture we posted, he’s the guy who sold hundreds of iPads in the gray market and made a big fortune out of those crazy marked-up price tags. Without any surprises, he’s also the first guy to sell iPhone 6s today.

Life is beautiful. Life with new iPhone 6s pink version is most beautiful. 🙂

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