iPhone 7 2016 model. New way to protect your iPhone 7.

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iPhone 7 2016 model prototype. What do you want to see in new Apple iPhone 7?  Battery lifetime? Maybe new pricing strategy? Nothing new? New way to protect your iPhone 7.

Apple’s iPhone 7 has been launched in “September, 2016” with a great pump, show and leaked rumors. So, the next roll is on Apple iPhone 7 and it will mesmerise you geeks and lovers this month of 2016 which has been always been pretty interesting for the Apple’s industry and specially for the giant smartphone company Apple.  We know that iPhone 7 must have more features and updates.

I’m one of the big iPhone community who wait iPhone 7 with all-new features. One of them – anti crash mode. I understand that it’s only prototype, but I think Apple can make new iPhone 7 with special unibody materials. Gorilla Glass? No. I think it will be better that we can see in iPhone 6s or last product from Samsung. I think iPhone 7 must have more.

Watch cool iPhone 7 2016 model anti crash mode. Very nice idea.

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