iPhone 7 2016 will have new full specifications, price, design.

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iPhone 7 2016 model will have new full specifications, price and body design.

If you are iPhone owner, you know that last 5 years Apple created updated iPhones, but not revoliution in smartphone world. We think if Apple want to make revoliution, he must release new iPhone 7 with revoliutionary unibody, features and usability. One of them – new iPhone 7 body.

Some days ago we can read rumors about curved iPhone 7 unibody: The lateral edges of the iPhone screen 7 are rounded, and the display will be bent to the right and left ends. Along the edges of the bevel on the side will not separate matrix screen there will be a single entity, even though curved edges can carry additional load, acting as a single lateral mini-displays.

As conceived by Apple, this decision will make the display more without having to increase the size of the gadget. When using the device will create the impression that the smartphone is “frameless”.

I think Apple will be release not curved iPhone 7, but with new body size. If you look on the picture, you can see our version of new iPhone 7.

If Apple will be release all-new iPhone 7 with revoliutionary display, body and features, we can see new iPhone price strategy. IPhone 6 and iPhone 6s have same prices, but iPhone 7 will new price. How much? I think iPhone 7 will most expensive that iPhone 6s.