iPhone 7 Battery Lifetime better than iPhone 6S

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iPhone 7 Battery Life – better than iPhone 6S… Apple is trying to solve the problem with a quick discharge of their smartphones. In this regard, engineers “apple” in corporations choose to install iPhone7 improved battery that is greater than that in the iPhone 6s with more compact dimensions of the housing.

Updated. 9-th, September, 2016
Apple presented iPhone 7 with best battery lifetime and new features. You can use your iPhone 7 more and more every day.

Updated. 25-th, May, 2016
Our Foxconn’s source confirmed that Foxconn will receive a delivery of new battery with a higher capacity, it again confirms the rumors that the new smartphone will have a more capacious battery!!!

Our Foxconn insiders confirmed that Foxconn have forecast to order different battery like for iPhone 6S. It’s mean that rumors have reason to new iPhone 7 battery lifetime. Rumors say that iPhone 7 battery will be 1750-1850 mAh, whereas the use per se to 1715 mAh in the iPhone 6s. Insiders also attributed iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity is 2850-3000 mAh vs. 2750 mAh iPhone 6s Plus.

Given the reduction in electricity consumption of new components, by almost the same capacity, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be able to work on a single charge of about 20-30% longer than the current flagship Apple. 2 days??? Maybe…

We know that next-generation iPhone (iPhone 7) isn’t radically different from its predecessor. Dimensions iPhone 7 will make the body 138.3 x 67.12 mm – exactly like the iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 will receive a metal casing with rounded side edges, but without the characteristic inserts. It is likely that Apple will adopt some other way to organize trouble-free transmission of radio signals.