iPhone 7 Clone? No. It’s Fake iPhone 7. Again.

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iPhone 7 Clone? No. Fake iPhone 7 Photo spreads on the web. Again. Yep.

Greg Baros (blogger) conducted an investigation and argues that the author of the picture may be Steven Huon River – Apple Music employee of the French subsidiary. At this point a few pictures in blogger portfolio. At the same time, as you can see, the changes include the rejection of the horizontal antenna inserts on the back for a more accurate contours of the plastic housing on the perimeter. In one photo smartphone camera, though, judging by the size, it is a 5.5-inch modification, which should get a double chamber. It’s fake. 🙂 Maybe it’s iPhone 7 Clone? No.. 100% fake.

I think it’s the best free Instagram account’s advertising in 2016. 🙂

“Zooming in and further inspecting the iPhone, it looks more apparent that the image may be a Photoshopped design. As Instagram removes EXIF data, the source of the image could not be verified. Near the right side of the device (his left), there is a small area that looks like it may have been altered. A quick way to alter and hide elements in an image is using a tool similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Clone tool. This may be the case here, as the user may have wanted to drum up speculation.”(via 9to5mac )

Don’t forget that before the the presentation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus there are still five months, so the latest leak may relate to early prototypes. The official show of new products will take place in September this year.