iPhone 7 Features. The First Transparent Glass Smartphones.

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All wait next model iPhone 6s in 2015. Yesterday we saw first iPhone 6s prototype, some iPhone 6s features. Now we know rumored release date in China. We don’t know all iPhone 6s new features, but we know that iPhone 6s will same body like iPhone 6. Not transparent glass body. Some years ago taiwanese tech company Polytron Technologies has revealed a prototype transparent smartphone.

Some thinks about transparent iPhone. Maybe iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s. The device, which has the ability to change smartphone industry for good, features a small touchscreen and power glass exterior. There are companies working on phones with flexible screen, and this fully glass design seems first real effort at getting a real transparent phone to the consumer. The only thing may bothers us is that, there hasn’t been a way worked out to make the processors and components transparent. However, it’s cool to see a transforming of virtual design into reality. One more picture after the jump.

We wait transparent iPhone, but we think iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 wiil not have transparent glass body.

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