iPhone 7 Headphones Price – AirPods, EarPods

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iPhone 7 Headphones price list: AirPods and EarPods + Updates. Apple has been released their new products iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with new EarPods. We know that new Apple’s smartphone haven’t standart audio Jack. Apple presented special all new AirPods – next generation headphones with amazing design and unibody.

Now the “normal” headphones the user can connect only with an adapter through the Lightning connector. Apple, in turn, proposes to use the new wireless headphones AirPods, that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Experts have already begun to express their opinions about the new items. In addition, to discuss and connected web users, giving his assessment AirPods in numerous posts on social networks. There are rave reviews about the new product from the people who admire everything at once that was presented Apple.


AirPods iPhone 7 Headphones Price:
Price in USA: $159
Price in Canada: $219
Price in Germany: 179 euro
Price in France: 179 euro
Price in Australia: A$ 229.00
EarPods iPhone 7 Headphones Price:
Price in USA: $29
Price in Canada: $35
Price in Germany: 35 euro
Price in France: 35 euro
Price in Australia: A$ 45.00

Design of AirPods, as noted above, was very similar to wired EarPods. At least in the part that is inserted into the ear. AirPods don’t have wires, not even lace that would link together the headphones. This idea, incidentally, has already taken up by third-party manufacturers. In the portion where the wire to be fastened, AirPods have a small extension that protrudes from the ear and performs multiple tasks.

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