iPhone 7 No Wireless Charging.

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Every day we can see news about new Apple iPhone 7. One of the most popular rumors about iPhone 7 Wireless Charging. Yep. What do you think? Last news via Foxconn department of supply we can tell you that No Wireless Charging in iPhone 7. Wireless charging is available on many new smartphones but not on iPhone 7.

Usually Foxconn plans to purchase component parts for the 3 months before start of production. It may be too early to say, but at this moment Foxconn don’t have new component parts for iPhone 7.

Why? We know that iPhone 7 will have better battery lifetime than others iPhone “old” models. This mean that iPhone 7 will have bigger battery and can work without charging more and more. We know that Apple make their product not “good” but “perfect”. This mean that actual wireless charging method isn’t best for new smartphone via Apple. For this reason you must find wireless charging case for iPhone 7.

At the same time, Tim Cook has publicly stated that the iPhone 7 will be the most attractive appearance smartphone, so that even the owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will want to change your device on a hot new product. About what kind of function told Apple CEO is uncertain, but most likely it was a support wireless charging, able to charge iPhone 7 at a short distance. Reality or not???