iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test. Videos.

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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test
iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test. Videos. iPhone 7 (incl. iPhone 7 Plus) is most awaited smartphone in 2016. Apple has updated the image signal processor and optics, so that the sensor gets substantially more light, has expanded the range of colors recorded by the camera – and this is only in iPhone 7 camera. 🙂 iPhone 7 Plus has more.

The iPhone 7 Plus, in addition to an identical compact model photo module, has a second model with a special lens. Together, they provide 2-fold optical zoom and 10x digital zoom when taking photos. It’s very amazing feature in new smartphones via Apple.

There is still a more powerful 4-LED flash, front camera 7 megapixels with a wider color reproduction and automatic image stabilization for taking selfie. Camera quality in the new iPhone 7, of course, we will be tested, but it looks promising.

One function of the camera iPhone 7 Plus Apple have not yet had finished, this feature will be activated in iOS 10.1 – it’s about the simulation of depth of field effect on the photo. This is especially useful for portraits, allowing you to blur the background, as does SLR optics, and accentuating the image on the face. It has a function to be using a machine learning system. Cool. I like iPhone 7 Plus Camera Quality.

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