iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Pricing Strategy, Rumors

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iPhone 7 Plus Concept. We hope that the iPhone 7 Plus will be not just an improved version of the iPhone 6s Plus, but a brand new smartphone from Apple. We assume that the iPhone 7 Plus will be deprived of a button Home and Audio output.

We also know that in this case it will be thinner and lighter, and it will have a new design and an improved camera. Today we want to tell you more about iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Pricing Strategy, Rumors.

iPhone 7 Plus Keynote: first week of September, 2016
iPhone 7 Plus Release Date: September, 2016
iPhone 7 Plus Price: Pricing strategy similar like iPhone 6S Plus.

In addition, a few days ago we learned of the thickness of the iPhone 7 Plus. According to the company Feld & Volk, which is engaged in the production of upgraded versions of Apple devices from expensive materials, iPhone 7 Plus will be have body thinner 1mm than the iPhone 6s.


We have seen the alleged photos hull iPhone 7 Plus in iPod Touch style, which was quite warmly received by users. The survey showed that the overwhelming majority of respondents flagship design at least does not cause rejection and even like them. Especially as similar to the iPod Touch 5 format “apple” smartphone has long been predicted.

So recently on the Chinese Internet resource, we could see the picture of alleged iPhone 7 Plus, which confirms the change of plastic strips that are used to improve signal reception, as well as rumors of a dual chamber, which will be received iPhone 7 Plus.

Moreover, camera for iPhone 7 Plus looks in the photo is much better than iPhone 6S Plus. The most interesting is connector called Smart Connector, which first appeared in the iPad Pro. And according to rumors, it will appear in other versions of the iPad, and perhaps in all iOS devices. It’s very nice.