iPhone 7 Portrait Mode + Bokeh.

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iPhone 7 Portrait Mode + Bokeh: Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus advertised on smartphone presentation in early September, but was not present in the list of its functional at the time of the sale.

The effect of depth of field and bokeh – an artistic background blur in the photo. This effect is used to strengthen the focus on the main subject, which makes it ideal for portraits and close-ups.

It has already released various models of smartphones via others companies, which tried to mimic this effect through a variety of tricks, most of the second chamber to determine the depth sharply imaged space. However, to achieve the “bokeh” device must be equipped with a high-quality camera with a wide angle lens. iPhone 7 Plus is the first smartphone that is able to create a real effect “bokeh”.

Today we can see come different iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode examples. Ok. let’s guys.