iPhone 7 Rumors. Apple will remove 3.5-mm connector.

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Next time for new iPhone 7 rumor. Some online sources leaked information that Apple will remove 3.5-mm connector. Hmmm.

How to listen to music on iPhone 7 without 3.5-mm connector????

It is obvious that with the release of the iPhone 7 without a 3.5-millimeter jack sharply increase sales of Bluetooth-headset. At the same time Apple is ready to to give up the 3.5-mm connector. Specification Brand digital interface include the possibility of the use of headphones and headsets with Lightning-connector.

Lightning-interface is able to provide a quality sound, as well as to give the devices powered by the battery of the smartphone, so that their manufacturers can not be spent on internal batteries (some headphones, for example, with active noise cancellation systems require additional power supply). The reverse option when headphones can play a supporting role pauerbanka (portable charging) and fuel the iPhone from its battery at the time of its owner enjoys music. In any case, the new iPhone will be equipped with 7 staff EarPods supporting Lightning, so the problems with listening to music does not arise.

We (micgadget) think it’s not true. Why? We know that Apple have big strategy in such business market. One of the general reason why people buy smartphones is music. They can listen music with all headphones (not only with bluetooth). (don’t forget Nokia with special headphones). If it will be true – we don’t know what we want do with “old” headphones.

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