iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S? – What’s selling better

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What’s selling better – iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S. Based on this information, it becomes clear that Tim Cook Apple CEO expects to record sales of the iPhone 7, despite the constant decrease in occupied space on the iPhone market. Why is the head of “apple” of the corporation so optimistic in their forecasts is unknown

iPhone 6S first week sales: Apple announced it sold more than 13 million combined iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units during the opening weekend, including preorders. New iPhone 6S was available online in a different markets incl. USA, Canada, UK, China for almost two weeks before launching in stores. It’s was one of the best sales in Apple history. But….

iPhone 7 first week sales: iPhone 7 first weekend sales in USA, Canada, Worldwide. According to a report by Daily Mail, Apple’s iPhone sales figures have come down to 50.4 million in the first quarter of 2016.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S?
According to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily, Apple company has placed an order with its parterres, a total of 78 million components for smartphones iPhone 7. Most of these components will assemble state Foxconn, whereas its “insurance” will be used Pegatron factories network.

Today only a few analysts ready to share such optimistic views on the iPhone 7 sales market, since all suggests otherwise. Will the new flagship smartphone Apple to win the hearts of customers can be found only a few days after the start of sales, but the iPhone SE practice shows that the demand for 4-inch novelty arose after 1-2 weeks after the appearance on the market.

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