iPhone 8 Colors

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iPhone 8 Colors – How many colors is the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus? Here you can see complete list of iPhone 8 colors and design.

Apple is in the future plans to expand the palette of colors and iPhone 8 will release a smartphone in Jet White. Currently, iPhone lineup includes silver, gold, pink gold, matte black, and black onyx. The publication suggests that the producer is unlikely to miss an effective marketing approach and abandon the new color.

Apple is not made iPhone 8 via of aluminum, as was the case with previous models of iPhones, but of a different material. The back cover made of glass that was typical in smartphones from Apple, published until 2012 (for example, the iPhone 4S). Glass, as is known, by weight of the heavier and more brittle material, but it looks attractive and expensive.

iPhone 8 Colors Model:
iPhone 8 Silver
iPhone 8 Gold
iPhone 8 Jet White
iPhone 8 Black
iPhone 8 Jet Black
iPhone 8 Plus Silver
iPhone 8 Plus Gold
iPhone 8 Plus Jet White
iPhone 8 Plus Black
iPhone 8 Plus Jet Black

Company Synaptics announced a new multi-factor biometric security system for smartphones, tablets and laptops. The new platform, made in partnership with KeyLemon, includes mechanisms for facial recognition and fingerprints, which allows the user to unlock the device with the most convenient way. It is assumed that such a system will be one of the key features of the iPhone 8.

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