iPhone 8 Display Size, Resolution, Screen Size.

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iPhone 8 Display Size, Resolution, Screen Size. There is a lot of rumors about the new Apple IPhone. Some people think, that we will see the new product in the next year and it won’t be an iPhone 7s. Despite all features, new smartphone will be bent ant the edges. Also it will have a great OLED-display, which, as gossips says, the Sharp company is going to produce.

Foxconn, which assembles iPhone, bought that Japan Sharp company last year. It gives an opportunity to escape from Samsung pressure in OLED space. And, as we know, technologies from Japan are introducing more and more in Apple company.

But, we don’t know exactly, when we will see that OLED-display with Sharp technologies. Maybe it will be only in 2018-2019. So Apple has to use screens by other companies or at all, Apple will just postpone the new smartphone until next year.

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