iPhone 8 Glass. First Transparent Phones Will Be Release In 2017.

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First Transparent Phones Will Be Release In 2017. iPhone 8 incl. iPhone 8 Plus Glass has big future. We know that glass technologies is most popular in this age. Lots of technology geeks wait new features in next generation smartphones incl. iPhone 8 and Samsung. When?

Despite the fact that the modern market of mobile devices without a twinge of conscience can be called supersaturated, really interesting solutions and products are not so much. This applies particularly to the design of devices. As practice shows, to create a really fun, bright design is not so simple. Throw same that design should not only be unusual, but adequate. Youtube has lost of concepts and videos with rumored iPhone 8 and Samsung S9. One of the most popular is here:

Nobody could have predicted that the mobile phone market may change, especially because all mobile phones have a standard form factor, but – the efforts of the company Explay mobile phone market came to life again. Evidence of this new device of the manufacturer – Apple’s mobile smartphone – iPhone 7 Plus, which was a breakthrough in the mobile phone market. But it’s not transparent smartphone. 🙁

With all the huge size of the market of mobile devices, release phone with a transparent screen can still be regarded as pioneering, innovative solution. Smartphone equipped with a transparent screen, undoubtedly, it is the first thing you notice, and what I want to say first. In terms of aesthetics, to add to that in fact nothing, this decision speaks for itself, as a whole looks very stylish phone. But when we will be able to see it no one knows. Maybe iPhone 8, iPhone 9 or Samsung S9???

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