iPhone 8 Most Coolest Features.

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iPhone 8 Most Coolest Features. The main feature of the MacBook Pro 2016 is a panel, which name is Touch Bar. It placed over the keyboard and it really helps when you use it. Panel displays manager elements of the active app. Also it can manage the main settings of the gadget. So, do you think, Apple will use this idea in the next IPhone 8?

Of course, this idea sounds a little bit strange, but it only because we don’t know, for what it can be used. If we look at some designers concepts, we will see, that Touch Bar can be very helpful. This panel may be like an innovation in the new Apple product.


Watch this pictures, which I leave down below. After that you will see, that the author of the concept has a clear understanding, how to make this panel comfortable in every day life. He shows us, in which ways we could use the Touch Bar. Panel replaces the Home button and Touch ID. With this innovation we will have an opportunity to use the Apple Pay and move between our activated apps. [iPhone 8 Most Coolest Features]