iPhone 8 will be presented in June 2017. (Rumor)

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iPhone 8 will be presented in June 2017. Wow.

It’s very interesting situation. Today we received very strange leaked information from Foxconn goods department. Some Foxconn resources told us about the company’s plans to change the date of the start of production of a new product with new components. It’s very strange, because each year the Foxconn (Apple) begins to launch production of its new product at the end of the summer, and this year they are planning to do so in late spring. Therefore, we can assume that the Apple is going to release a new product (iPhone 8) or change time to release their new models of iPhone.

This year, the number of components of orders for the iPhone has increased by 30-40% at the beginning of next year, and this growth is expected in the end of the year. According to the forecasts of our partners, this is due to a change in the start date of iPhone sales on an annualized basis, which is important for the entire industry as a whole.

If it will be true, we can see new iPhone 8 in June, 2017. !!!

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