iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

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Wireless charging phones list. Good news for all who want to iPhone 8 wireless charging. Apple will present us the smartphones with new functions. Also, Apple company is going to refuse some of them.

iPhone 8 will be charging more faster, but not wirelessly, although about that we don’t have any information. As Apple says, their new product AirPods can be charged 50% only for 15 minutes, so it means, that we will have a big progress in this area.

We can assume, that Apple creates its own standard, with which the faster charging will be working.

Also, IPhone 8 will purchase the Tap To Wake function. It helps to see last notifications in more comfortable way. After pressing a sensor panel, the display will be lighting some seconds, so you will see, what you have missed. Unfortunately, this function will be able only with new AMOLED-panel in iPhone 8.

Most likely, Apple can’t create a very fast and wireless smartphone in one time. It may be slow process, but it will inevitably happen one day. So in 2017 we don’t have to wait a super new and the most fast charging functions in the new product.