iPhone 9 Release Date in USA, Asia, Worldwide

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iPhone 9 Release Date in USA, Asia, Worldwide – Sources leaked that the iPhone 9 keynote is approved for
the last week of March, which means that we will be able to buy it on 10-th April, 2020.

Despite the forecasts of many analysts, Apple is obviously trying to keep the course and release new iPhone 9 products according to the planned schedule. The raging coronavirus in China has already caused a serious delay from the schedule, and to solve the problem, the Apple decided to move the Assembly of smartphones to India.

If you believe insider information, this iPhone 9 2020 model is a means to combat Huawei in South America. For Apple, this means entering a new region for further consolidation. Flagship models like iPhone 11 or new iPhone 12 are expensive enough to win the love of the General public.

Recall that the iPhone 9 has an A13 Bionic processor installed, just like the older models. The reduction in price will occur due to the reduction of functions, size and individual options, but it is still a good smartphone. At the very least, it will be perfect for competing with Huawei products.

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