iPhone SE Clone Price in China + USA

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iPhone SE Clone Price in China + USA. It’s very interesting that lots of iPhone owners want to buy not new iPhone SE, but new iPhone SE Clone in China (sometimes you can see name iPhone 6SE Clone). It’s very strange situation, but it’s reality. ok.

Why? Because buyers want new design like iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. China is the best place to buy iPhone SE clone.

Apple opened pre-order the iPhone SE on Thursday, March 24th. iPhone SE is only available in certain regions: the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Britain and other countries. Smartphone sales will start on 31 March. Chinese iPhone SE Clone available on Chinese market. Don’t forget that it’s clone, but not complete (official) iPhone SE. It’s mean that sometimes you can see some errors or bags, but you always can see iPhone 6’s design on 4-inch iPhone SE clone unibody.

iPhone SE Clone Price in China started at about $150-250.