iPhone SE coming soon. Very soon.

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iPhone SE coming soon. Apple has removed from the market in India last generation flagship iPhone 4s, which was released back in 2011. Also gone from the storefronts and iPhone 5c in a plastic case, which was announced a couple of years ago.

It is reported by the well-known edition of The Economic Times. These were the two most accessible “tube” for consumers in India. Now, the most economical option for them was the iPhone 5s.

It is not difficult to guess that these changes are related to the upcoming release of iPhone 5se. The new device according to preliminary data will be announced on March 15 and on sale will appear on March 18 through the official online store.

Given the bad experience launching plastic iPhone 5c to the developing countries, analysts are high stakes on the iPhone 5SE, who will not “budget” phone, though, and its price will be somewhat lower.

We wait iPhone 5se (iPhone 6c) release date in China…

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