iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S, Compare Models.


We know that Apple released 4-inch iPhone SE with same design like iPhone 6S/6 but new hardware. It’s mean that Apple want to buy old design with new specification. Four days ago we posted >Compare iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S or iPhone 6. Today we want to tell you some specifications iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S or iPhone 5.

iPhone SE Display size is 4 inches, the creators have given the device Apple A9 processor and a powerful camera to twelve megapixels. As noted by Tim Cook, the new smartphone combines the best features from existing popular apple smartphone. The device received the appearance of iPhone 5S, but its technological equipment was close to the flagship iPhone 6S.


In anticipation of the most “budget” gadget variations, many Apple fans, including international experts, awarded the smartphone such names as “the iPhone 6C” or “the iPhone 5SE”, as it turned out in fact, the name of the new compact smartphone was the iPhone SE .

Today we can say that Apple released budget iPhone. Yes. It’s iPhone SE.