iPhone X Drop Test Result

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iPhone X Drop Test Result: The iPhone X has the most powerful glass in the world, which even a detachment of harsh guys can not beat.

This theory seems to have been decided by our colleagues from China when they arranged a casual drop test for the iPhone X, which turned out right, you can see below yourself. Unfortunately they did not show how exactly this happened, it is not clear for what reasons the drop test was not filmed, but judging from the fact that it was preceded by test videos from the camera of the very iPhone X, one might think – the fall happened accidentally. The story of course is silent, but there is a possibility that the device fell on the asphalt during this test. Although, for certain it is not known what exactly the harsh guys have created with this smartphone, it may have been dropped from a height of human growth, say from the 5th floor of the hotel or worse from the roof of a Chinese skyscraper. About this we can only guess. According to the results of the video, we can assume that this smartphone was driven by a car or other heavy transport.