iPhone X or iPhone 8. To be or not to be.

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iPhone X or iPhone 8. A long time, Apple could keep secret their developments. In terms of privacy, the company just did not have competitors. But frantic popularity of the iPhone and iPad to keep secrets became increasingly difficult, and each new release brings fewer surprises for the audience.

Apple expects that the iPhone 7 will be the most successful smartphone company. Almost certainly, the new device will be the best in its class at least until 2017 – before the release of new iPhone models. However, recent rumors about the new Apple may have disservice. We know that Apple will be released their iPhone 7 in September, but others competitors will be released their 2017’s smartphones in March like Samsung or LeEco.

Some Apple insiders leaked information that next year Apple plans to completely reconsider the phone line. Next year marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, so the company has conceived something big.

iPhone 8 or iPhone X. On this point there is no information, however Gruber makes a confident outlook on the specifications of the gadget. In particular, iPhone will receive a full glass enclosure, and the smartphone screen will occupy the entire front panel. For the first time in the line of iPhone screen will switch to OLED-technology.

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