iPhone X Release Date Usa, Canada, Worldwide


iPhone X Release Date Usa, Canada, Worldwide. If you are planning to order a new iPhone X on October 27, we heartily
wish you to receive the goods before the end of this year.

iPhone X Release Date Usa, Canada, Worldwide:

iPhone X USA: 3-th, November,
iPhone X Canada: 3-th, November,
iPhone X Australia: 3-th, November,
iPhone X China: 3-th, November,
iPhone X Europe: 3-th, November,
iPhone X Japan: 3-th, November,

The last week, Barron’s analytic Case conducted on trips to Asia, communicating with representatives of Apple shipments. All of his interlocutors, said that the mass production of the iPhone X, has not yet begun.

After talking to company representatives, the analyst found out that in the serial release phase, the smartphone will move in mid-October. Thus, it hardly makes sense to expect that on November 3, all advance orders will be fulfilled on time.

Most likely, such delays in production will have a negative impact on sales in the pre-holiday season.