Is Jailbreaking illegal? Yes, it’s true, but…

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iOS 13 Jailbreak is one of the most popular question in iPhone community. You know that in 2018, Apple sold over 100 million iPhones. All these new devices have one drawback. They do not have installed programs that buyers want to see. I’m not talking about Safari or Mail. I’m not even talking about instant Messengers or Instagram. I mean, buying a new iPhone, buyers want to install software that gives more freedom. 

Since performing a jailbreak we do not violate the laws of our country (for example, in the United States jailbreaking is allowed), we have all the rights to it. Performing a jailbreak, the iPhone does not lose the warranty and is the same device as without a jailbreak.

Is Jailbreaking illegal? – No. Jailbreak is legal. If, after performing a jailbreak, you decide to turn in an iPhone for repair, Apple may not accept your iPhone. In this case, you have 2 ways – to demand to take an iPhone for warranty repair, since Apple has to fulfill it. The second way – before going to Apple, we recommend to remove the jailbreak from your iPhone and you will not be asked extra questions when taking it for repair.