It’s a new Jailbreak iOS 11

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Today we want to tell you more about new Jailbreak iOS 11. We know that millions iPhone owners want to make Jailbreak iOS 11 via one general reason: they want to download and install not only official Apps, but unofficial tweaks and games. Apple closed all vulnerabilities but jailbreak creators want to more.

It’s a new Jailbreak iOS 11:

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Why some iPhone owners hate Jailbreak iOS 11?

1. Security Vulnerability of iOS 11

Jailbroken firmware of the device reduces the number of security levels created to protect personal information and the iOS device. If the iOS device is not protected, there is a risk of identity theft, device damage and network attacks from hackers, as well as the penetration of malicious or spyware and viruses.

2. Instability of OS 11 and applications

Frequent unexpected OS failures, crashes and hangs of built-in programs and third-party programs, data loss.

3. Reduced battery life on iOS 11

Hacking the software caused the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to run less than one battery charge.

4. Unreliability in voice and data transmission on iOS 11

Lost calls, slow or unstable data transmission, the transmission of location information with a delay or the transmission of incorrect location information.

5. Unable to update iOS 11

In some cases, unauthorized modifications resulted in irreversible damage to iOS. As a result, when you install fresh updates for iOS from Apple, hacked devices iPhone, iPad or iPod touch immediately stopped working.

6. Apple denies the user warranty service for jailbreak devices

Unauthorized modification of iOS 11 is a violation of the terms of the license agreement, so Apple has the right to refuse service to all users of hacked devices iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.