It’s impossible. Apple will start releasing new iPhones twice a year.

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From 2021, Apple will hold two presentations of the new iPhone. This will allow the company to bring the iPhone release schedule in line with the dates of announcements of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee said in a note to investors today.

According to the insider, from 2021 Apple will present two pairs of new iPhones a year. The first presentation will be held from March to June, the second in September. Due to this, the company will not only increase its presence in the smartphone market, but will also begin to compete more strongly with South Korean Samsung. The latter holds two big presentations a year, introducing a new smartphone from the Galaxy line in February and from the Note line in August.

Since 2011, Apple has consistently presented the flagship iPhone models at the presentation in September. Only two times the company celebrated the release of new smartphones in the spring. In 2016, the company released the iPhone SE, and in 2018, the red iPhone 8. It is also known that in March 2020, the company will introduce the iPhone SE 2.