It’s the biggest problem with the new iOS 14


iOS 14 will support special versions of apps that you can use without needing to install. According to new data, a fragment of iOS 14 code that was leaked earlier to the Internet revealed numerous data of a new type of application being developed under the code name “Clips”.

The new type of apps in iOS 14 will partially work without being fully installed on the device. This allows users to use certain features of the app as quickly as possible without waiting for a full installation. The iOS 14 source files note that the feature is being tested by leading developers including Sony, Yelp, YouTube, OpenTable, and others.

Also, the iOS 14 code indicates that the launch of the “cloud” app will be possible after scanning the QR code that contains data about the app. Information about alternative launch methods has not yet been found. But most likely, the “cloud” version of the app will be downloaded on the iPhone and when you normally download it from the App Store.

Android has a similar feature called Slices, which allows you to access some important parts of apps without installing them. In particular, the feature supports the popular Google search app and the Google Assistant voice assistant.

What’s the biggest problem with the new iOS 14? – All of these new features suggests that the new iOS 14 will have a host of innovations and amenities. But there is one problem that concerns us – the file size. After installing the new iOS 14, you will lose a significant amount of free space on your iPhone. And the programs that will be adapted for the new OS will have even larger sizes. This means that if you install a new iOS 14 on your iPhone XR with 64 GB storage, you will have little space for other programs and photos.