Jailbreak 6.1.3 From Evad3rs Team For iPhone 5, 4S Download Links & Progress.

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Jailbreak 6.1.3 

Source: Jailbreak 6.1.3

Jailbreak 6.1.3  – One Way for Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or others idevices. Only P0sixspwn is official Jailbreak 6.1.3 tool for jailbreaking. Lot of jailbreakers has one question: When Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS? When I can Jailbreak my lovely iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.3? P0sixspwn Jailbreak Tool works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to
be one of the most reliable jailbreaks by the whole community. Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS tool has been released.

Step 1: Connect the gadget to your Mac or PC and create a backup copy of the data from the device through iTunes.

Step 2: Go to the iPhone or iPad settings and disable the password on the lock screen (if enabled).

Step 3: Run the jailbreak P0sixspwn for Mac / Windows

Step 4: P0sixspwn detect the connected device. Press Jailbreak.

Step 5: In progress Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 gadget will reboot. Open iTunes or use the iPhone or iPad to complete the installation and configuration can not jailbreak .

Step 6: After the last reboot you will have jailbroken iPhone or iPad with iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 6.1.5.

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