Jailbreak 8.4.1 Untethered via TaiG or PP25


Jailbreak 8.4.1 download links. We know that some jailbreak developers wait new update. iOS 8.4.1. Why? Update iOS 8.4 has led to a significant reduction in battery life iPhone, the resource Cnews, collected complaints of users on Twitter. “Has anyone noticed that Apple Music guzzles battery? At 9:15, after I installed the update, I was 100%. Now 38%, and it took only half an hour, “- wrote Geoffrey Fowler.

According to the user’s iPhone Dario Oropeza, an hour battery life in his smartphone fell by 21%. “The battery life in iOS 8.4 has decreased!” – Confirms R4z3r. “Wow, iOS 8.4 has destroyed my battery. The charge decreased by 60% in just one hour, “- said OldSchoolHeel. “Ha ha, with iOS 8.4 Battery’s nothing left,” – laughing dAn.

The main novelty in iOS 8.4 has been updated application “Music”, which combined music player and a new streaming service from Apple Music features music recommendation. According to its users, the new musical options have played a significant role in the reduction of working time.

Now time is for iOS 8.4.1. We know that new update iOS 8.4.1 can fix jailbreak iOS 8.4. Ok.  

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