Jailbreak 9.3 iOS on iPhone + iPad.

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Jailbreak 9.3 iOS works perfect on iPhone + iPad. Keen Team confirmed. It is widely known in narrow circles of the Jailbreak iOS 9.3 group Keen Team is set to release a jailbreak for iOS 9.3. The work on finding vulnerabilities in new software platform, Apple announced it in an interview with Forbes.

As the member of the group named Ling Chen, currently Keen Jailbreak Team examines especially the first test assembly iOS 9, Apple released earlier in the week. At the same time they do not exclude co-operation with the Pangu Jailbreak Team.

All the details on Rootless still unknown, in general terms, the principle is that all important files iOS 9 will be completely closed for the modification of any third-party applications. As planned by Apple, it is to make the platform more resistant to jailbreaking and improve its security.

It’s very nice news, we wait Jailbreak iOS 9.3 from such creative jailbreak team.

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