Jailbreak iOS 10 – Pangu, TaiG or Apple!

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iOS 10 is most awaited iOS in Apple’s history, but Jailbreak iOS 10 is more awaited. Who wins? Pangu, TaiG or Apple!

iPhone’s mobile operating system the latest version, which supports the installation of the jailbreak is iOS 9.1, but recently Apple will be released first iOS 10 beta 1 update that will closed the possibility to install the jailbreak on the iPhone and iPad running this operating system. We know that Pangu confirmed information that Jailbreak iOS 10 has future. It’s mean that after official iOS 10 release date, we can see first official Jailbreak iOS 10. But… Who wins!!! Pangu, Taig or Apple?

First and foremost to be released jailbreak for iOS 10 in September, because it involves a number of vulnerabilities that have been partially closed in iOS 10 beta 1. On the issue of a full-fledged tool to perform the hack the iPhone and iPad at the ninth version of the operating system of Apple hackers can take several weeks, so the developer encourages users to be patient. We think that real jailbreak iOS 10 utility we can see only in this October. if you have jailbroken iOS 9.1 device, you must stay on iOS 9.1 and wait last official Pangu iOS 10 utility. Don’t forget that you can see lots’ unofficial jailbreak utilities, but it’s scam and fake. Don’t take your money for scammers.

Speaking of iOS 10 cracked applications, it should be noted that every year there is a decrease in the level of piracy on the iOS platform (incl. new iOS 10). This can be attributed to numerous discounts and great deals in the App Store, as well as changes in the creation of buyers who are ready to give money for games and applications. but… We wait Pangu’s jailbreak for iOS 10. 🙂

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