Logitech Create Price is better than iPad Pro Smart Keyboard.

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Today, the market received the new 12.9-inch tablet computer iPad Pro, as well as a range of accessories, including cases, Pencil stylus and keyboard Smart Keyboard.

Smart Keyboard will cost the buyer in the $ 169. Those who wish to save money is to pay attention to a similar solution from Logitech.

Keyboard Case Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case, as well as Smart Keyboard from Apple, is connected to the iPad Pro via special connectors and is powered by the tablet.

An important difference Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case from the original keyboard of Apple is highlighting all the key when working with the tablet. In addition, the keyboard has a separate set of buttons to control iOS, including the volume keys, search, screen lock, and many others.

When closed, the Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case fully protects the tablet, although it remains open connectors. The keyboard itself is slightly recessed into the casing, so as not to damage the screen iPad Pro, but the outside is sheathed with a special cloth is water-repellent. Cover is available in several colors.

The company also introduced a protective cover Logi Create Protective Case, which resembles Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case, but does not have a keyboard.