Mac OS Catalina Supported Mac, Compatibility List

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Mac OS Catalina Supported Mac, Compatibility List. It’s not very good, but owners of not all Macs with macOS Mojave support have access to the Catalina update.

New macOS Catalina on Mac is very stable in work, and in order for the system to take and freeze on a flat surface, you need to seriously try. Of course, sometimes all the same because of the user’s fault or due to other circumstances similar problems occur. If your system slows down a bit and you are tired of constantly seeing the “rainbow ball”, even when performing simple everyday tasks, then you may find this list of supported Macs useful:

Here is a complete list of macOS Catalina Supported Mac, Compatibility List:

MacBook (early 2015 and newer)

iMac (end of 2012 and newer)

MacBook Air (mid-2012 and newer)

MacBook Pro (mid-2012 and newer)

Mac Mini (end of 2012 and newer)

Mac Pro (end of 2013, mid-2010, mid-2012)

iMac Pro (2017)

If you want to download macOS Catalina, install it and don’t listen to anyone, it’s worth it, but if you are told that the macOS Catalina can work for weeks, months, years without rebooting, don’t believe it. This is a lie, those who claim it themselves will never show you the full screen of their uptime, and if you ask for advice, they will go out and not answer.

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