MacBook Pro 2017 Price in USA

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Apple has been released a MacBook Pro 2017 with Thunderbolt 3, USB-C ports and the new OLED-panel. The notebook will also be changed in the style of 12-inch MacBook. It’s amazing new Macbook Pro in this age.

New MacBook Pro has lost the standard port USB-A to USB-C interface Thunderbolt 3 and got the best displays on the Mac – 67% brighter and more saturated by 25%. The devices have received powerful 4-core Intel Core i7 processors of the sixth generation, and in the top configuration – graphics chips Radeon Pro with the architecture of the Polaris, made on 14-nm process technology.

The touch panel can output commands to any application. This can be music experience when using iTunes, frequently visited sites or the navigation controls for Safari, customizable elements of the control panel for other applications such as Finder, LogicPro and Pages. iOS Keyboard already offers a similar functionality, even if the mechanical Bluetooth-keyboard.


13 MacBook Pro 2017 Price in USA:

MacBook Pro Model Price in USA
13″MacBook Pro 2017 (2.0GHz/8GB/256GB) $1,499.00+
13″MacBook Pro 2017 (2.9GHz/8GB/256GB) $1,799.00+

15 MacBook Pro 2017 Price in USA:

MacBook Pro Model Price in USA
15″ MacBook Pro 2017 (2.6GHz/16GB/256GB) $2,399.00+

The OLED touch strip at the top that had been rumored is present, as expected. Apple calls it Touch Bar and it does actually have an Esc key, it’s just in software rather than a dedicated button. Apple would not have to work on this technology, only to abandon the mechanical keys in favor of touch. The most useful option Touch Bar application will be transferred frequently used functions on the mini-screen. According to Apple’s, in many cases it is much more convenient than the usual function keys.

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