macOS Big Sur 11.0 Errors and Bugs. How To Fix Them

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Apple released the macOS Big Sur 11.0 update for all macOS Big Sur 11.0 supported Macs. The updated version introduces new features, including Sidecar, support for wireless game controllers, new apps for playing audio and video formats, a new “Locator” app, and an improved “Reminders”app.

Some Mac users update the macOS immediately, while others switch to the new version of macOS only a few weeks after the release, to make sure that there are no problems in the update or they have fixed them, or they prefer not to update at all.

When downloading and installing macOS 11.0 you may have these errors and bugs:

The new macOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta is not installed on your computer.

Solution 1: You should not forget that if you want to install a new macOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta or Public, you need to register on the Apple site as a developer and buy a 1-year plan for $100. If you don’t want to do this, you can download our macOS Big Sur 11.0 developer profile for free and install the new macOS. Without a developer profile, your Mac will not be able to install the new macOS beta version.

Solution 2: Before you download and install the macOS 11.0 update from this link, make sure that your Mac supports macOS 11.0. List of computers compatible with macOS 11.0 you can see here.

The new macOS Big Sur 11.0 is “frozen” on the settings screen.

Solution: After downloading and installing the MacOS 11.0 update, some Macs get stuck on the settings screen. Force the Mac to restart by pressing and holding the power off button for a few seconds. Wait a few seconds and then click the power button again to turn on your Mac. Re-start the process of installing macOS 10.16.

32-bit programs don’t work on new macOS Big Sur 11.0

Solution: If you switched to the new macOS Big Sur 11.0 from an older version of macOS Mojave or older, you probably don’t know that Apple doesn’t support 32-bit programs on macOS 10.15 Catalina computers, and it’s impossible to make them work.

If you haven’t updated macOS 11.0 yet, check which 32-bit applications are installed on your computer.