MacOS Sierra Supported Macs + Compatible Mac List.

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MacOS Sierra Supported Macs + Compatible Mac List.

Apple introduced a new operating system OS X, code-named MacOS Sierra, but a large number of features of the new OS was not announced due to limited time.

These Mac models are compatible with MacOS Sierra:

• iMac (late 2009 or newer)

• MacBook Air (2010 or newer)

• MacBook Pro (2010 or newer

• Mac mini (2010 or newer)

• MacBook (2009 or newer)

• Mac Pro (2010 or newer)

First, what many have long dreamed of – a smart unlock the computer-based MacOS. Come to your computer – and it is not blocked. Generally it is not locked! And all because of what you have on your wrist are Apple Watch, and in this case you can be trusted. However, according to the well-known proverb, it does not hurt to check.

Such innovations need to include a new system font, altered application Siri, the ability to change the size of Spotlight window, additional extensions for photo editing, new features AirPlay and more.

The release of the final version of MacOS Sierra is scheduled for this fall.