Most Popular iOS 13 problems: How To Fix Issues in iOS 13

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Most popular iOS 13 problems: iPhone battery draining fast after installing iOS 13 on iOS 13 supported devices? Here you will find a solution how to increase battery life after installing new iOS 13.

iOS 13 problems: iPhone battery draining fast after installing iOS 13

Problems: Every year we can see thousands of requests on the topic, why, after installing a new iOS 13, your iPhone is quickly discharged. Many owners of iPhones after installing a new iOS 13 begin to notice that the smartphone does not work as quickly as before the update, and the battery starts to discharge very quickly. Many start to panic, some immediately begin to return to the past generation of the iOS 13. If you have noticed such a bug, the MAIN RULE is not to panic.

Solution: Once you have installed a new iOS 13, you should remember that the new iOS 13 checks all installed apps for compatibility with this iOS version. The new iOS 13 has innovations, so you need to make sure that all apps will work without errors. If the new iOS 13 determines that the apps are not compatible, it will check if there are new versions in the App Store. All these actions consume a large number of resources, so the iPhone battery is strongly discharged. As soon as the new iOS 13 checks all updates, your iPhone will start working in the standard mode.

iOS 13 problems: Some iPhone Apps won’t open

Problems: After the upgrade, the installed Apps may not support this version of the iOS 13. Therefore, when you want to run this iPhone Apps, the program may not open.

Solution: To fix this bug, you need to go to the App Store and check for updates. If this iPhone App does not have a new version in the App Store, unfortunately you will have to wait for the update. Often after the release of the new OS, developers release updates in one day.


iOS 13 problems: iPhone turns off by itself

Problems: After updating the new OS, sometimes your iPhone will reboot without your participation. This is due to the fact that the new OS updates the registry and reloads various programs. If your smartphone has rebooted once or twice – you do not need to worry.

Solution: If the your iPhone turns off by itself, you need to RE-INSTALL the new iOS 13. The problem will be solved.


iOS 13 problems: iPhone wifi turns off by itself

Problems: Often, after installing a new iOS, your smartphone may turn off WiFi periodically. This is due to errors that appeared during installation. This is often due to the fact that when you install a new iOS 13, your smartphone downloads a new iOS 13 via QTA.

Solution: Usually there are 2 ways to solve this problem. One way – is a complete RE-INSTALL of the new iOS 13 via QTA. The second way – is to completely reinstall the new iOS 13 using a iTunes.