My Favorite Hidden Feature in iOS 13.4.1

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If you installed the latest update, we probably didn’t notice one very necessary and important feature that Apple has implemented in it. In fact, there is a lot of debate on the Internet about whether it is true that Apple cares about our privacy or whether it is a myth. What do you think?

An important hidden innovation was discovered in iOS 13.4.1, which was not mentioned in the update description. According to a blog post by developers of the Apple WebKit framework, iOS 13.4.1 has an improved intelligent user tracking prevention feature that completely blocks third-party cookies.

The improved blocking of third-party cookies feature in iOS 13.4.1 ensures that users are not tracked when they move from one site to another. This prevents websites from collecting data about user behavior and using it for their own purposes, including displaying targeted ads. Users can disable smart browser tracking prevention and cookie blocking in Safari settings.

Safari is the first major browser that completely blocks cookies by default. The Apple WebKit development team wants a similar system to be introduced in other browsers. Therefore, Apple experts plan to tell about the experience of blocking third-party cookies to other companies that are part of the world wide web Consortium (W3C).

The developers claim that in the new iOS 13.4.5, this hidden function will work even more stably and without errors.