New iOS 12.1.2 has same problems

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iOS Problems: Apple has released new iOS 12.1.2. We know that the last update (iOS 12.1.1) was very unfortunate. Many users constantly complained that after installing iOS 12.1.1, their iPhones stopped catching the connection and could not get online. Finally, today everyone who installed the iOS 12.1.1 can take a deep breath – today their problems must end. Apple released new iOS 12.1.2. But…

…. new iOS 12.1.2 has the same problems. Apple, what’s happening? Apparently the company started working programmers who do not know how to figure out the problem with iOS 12. It turns out that after upgrading to a new iOS 12.1.2, we become hostages of the situation. Hopefully, Apple will take into account all user dissatisfaction and release a new iOS 12.2. I was once again convinced that it is best not to rush with the installation of the new Apple’s mobile software and wait until it will be really stable.